The problem of security and police in Egypt.

Read The problem of security and police in Egypt. in Ehab Heikal’s blog

Let me just use logic. The police force in Egypt for 60 years ( or maybe much more ) have been using one tactic to keep Egypt safe. To beat people until they confess. There is no kind of analysis or any mental work in police work in Egypt,not only that but the police force in general where selected from people with low Thanawiya 3amma ( high school ) grades, which makes them not the smartest people in Egypt. Now after Kolena Khalid Said and the revolution you take away from them the only way they know how to operate.
What can they do? Nothing, it would take years to retrain them and even when you do they are not the smartest bunch.
This is the price of freedom, this is the price of dignity.
And like everything in Egypt all you need is Patience. Allah grant us the patience.

The above assumes a best case scenario and even this unrealistic scenario means that the “safety” ( with out dignity ) we had before the revolution will take a while to come back again. But the best case scenario is not realistic. For years it has been common knowledge that to enter the police academy you had to pay around a 60,000LE bribe. Egypt has a lot of corruption but you do not need to bribe your way into other universities or even the military. Why the police? Because people expect that there will be a financial return on this investment and that within a few years a police  officer who takes maybe 2000LE a month will make the 60,000LE back, definitely not from the 2000LE!

Corruption is a problem, it is a huge problem, but not as big as the view that police men had at the time of Mubarak. In a police state, the police gets a lot more respect and power than they should and they feel like our masters and there are videos on youtube that show officers saying that plainly.

The problems of the police in Egypt are many and there is no immediate solution. And any president that tries to reform will be resisted by the police force itself.