Sony Xperia Z now in Egypt: Take your phone to the pool

Read Sony Xperia Z now in Egypt: Take your phone to the pool in Ehab Heikal’s blog

The Sony Xperia Z phone is now available for purchase in Egypt, you can even order it online from stores like Jumia or e305o and get it delivered to your home. The phone costs around 5200-5300LE. Unlike Samsung phones I do not expect the price of a sony phone to change drastically withing the first 3 months.

What is unique about the Xperia Z phone is that it is water proof for up to 30 minutes. This is the perfect high end phone for active people, remember that a water proof phone usually is much better constructed than normal phones. This is the phone you can use in a Jaccuzi easily or the phone you do not worry about harming to touch with sweaty hands after a long workout at the gym.

Xperia Z Group Black

The Xperia Z also has a Quad core processor that should make it fast enough for most uses, I would expect it to be between the S3 and s4 in terms of speed.

But what is spectacular about the phone ( beside it being water proof ) is that the 5 inch screen has full HD resolution ( 1080p ). This thing takes mobile screens to a whole new level, not only do you get a screen that is large enough for serious on the road productivity but the resolution makes text super sharp and readable.

What is missing now is the availability of the xperia z tablet, which should also be waterproof and have a HD screen ( 1920×1200 16:10 ), the price of the 3G enabled tablet is expected to be 10% more than the phone while the Wifi only tablet should be 10% cheaper than the phone.