Part 2: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

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If you missed it read the first part of this review.

Now that I have had more time with the Galaxy Note 2 I can give more in-depth impressions.


First of all the battery is amazing, this is the longest running Android phone I have had, well no, this is the longest running phone I have ever had. I mean I forget to charge it because I do not need to charge daily. I had said that the battery lasts for 1.5 days in the first review, but remember that was in the first few days of getting it, when I was using it for like 8 hours per day to explore everything it has. I can easily get 2 days of usage with wifi always turned on now, and sometimes 3 days.


I am not an artistic guy so I do not use the stylus to draw but the stylus is amazing. I find myself using it much more often, it simply makes browsing so much easier and fun.


The new version of google’s flagship browser on android is simply the best browser on any mobile device hands down. It has so many small features here and there that make it so much more usable than other mobile browsers. Previously my favorite was dolphin browser, which is good, but now Chrome all the way. It is amazingly fast on the Galaxy Note 2, it fully takes advantage of the big screen. And when you set it to work as a desktop browser it will work with the full versions of sites that are impossible on other mobile devices. You can fully use facebook on chrome, I even used it to manage online Facebook Ads for clients of my web design company.

MultiTasking on the Galaxy note 2 – Wow.

With the new software update multi-tasking has gone into the WOW level on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ( and on the S3 since the software update also gave the same feature to the S3 ). Now when you press and keep pressing the return button a small pull down menu with multi tasking enabled software is available to you. Press on one of them and drag it into the screen and the screen divides between your current program and the one you opened. You can use both at the same time on the same screen. This is a first on any mobile device. Previously with the wimpy screens of other devices this would have been of limited use but here on the Note 2 and S3 where screens are large you can for example open a web page and copy parts of it into your word processor easily and go back for more. See the screen shot below where I have gmail and chrome open.


Now the image is at full size, it is big on your computer screen but remember this is a one to one pixel for pixel image of what you get on a 5.5 inch screen. The image is sharp!

Samsung Original Cover.

The Original cover is very innovative it actually replaces the back ( which you can open to change the battery unlike other iphones ) with a back just like it but with a flip front cover attached to it. I do not feel that this combo give added protection to this phone, remember the front glass is already Corning Guerrilla 2 Glass which is the toughest glass there is, and is very much scratch proof. The nice thing is that you can keep the original back cover unused for when you want to sell the phone in pristine condition. Why you would think of selling a phone like this is beyond me!

Conclusion the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an amazing phone

You do not have to be the creative type to want to use this phone. With a huge screen and super-fast Quad Core processor that is as fast as most netbooks using an Intel Atom processor, this phone allows you to do some serious work. You productivity with a large screen is way higher than anything apple or any other phone can possibly give you. The stylus only helps you in those times when you need to pin point something on the screen, selecting text is a prime example of why you need a stylus like this one. If you are the creative type the added benefit of drawing on the go would be great alas I have to left hands when it comes to art and one of the main things that made me a fast typist is that my handwriting is terrible so it was not much use to me, buy to you a stylus may be a great addition.

The software is amazing the new android has reached a point where it is very mature and extremely usable. It is just as easy as apple, but it also has so many power user features and shortcuts that reward those that are willing to put a few hours of learning with increased productivity.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments section below I am here to respond.