My alternative view on the Egyptian Inar Tablet.

Read My alternative view on the Egyptian Inar Tablet. in Ehab Heikal’s blog

Politics aside the amount of free publicity the first Egyptian Inar tablet got due to the political controversy around it was phenomenal. If I was the marketing manager in that company I would do this all over again. The Inar tablet got free publicity on every Egyptian media channel more than once because of the political bickering over 100% Egyptian label. There are no 100% one country products in the world any more, even if you get Egyptian cotton and make the t-shirt in Egypt, you use dyes from abroad, machines from abroad and more. Still if we just remember that selling this Egyptian inar tablet will put more money in the Egyptian economy than any “Chinese” tablet then we should be helping it. For every Egyptian product even if it is only 20% made in Egypt or 20% value added in Egypt gives more to our economy than an imported product.

All else aside I want to tell Egyptians one thing, if you do not have pride in products made in Egypt, then tell me why do you have pride in Egypt? If you do not buy Egyptian, then why are you Egyptian?