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A great web design company

تصميم مواقع

Do you need to update your web site, do you feel that you are not getting enough out of your web site? Well prepare to be amazed by our web site design services! Look no further, I will give you the best kept secret in the Web site design industry in Egypt.web design portifolio

Elmotaheda-web Company is one of the largest web design companies in Egypt and is one of the oldest companies in the field of web design in Egypt and the Middle East.

We would have been an awarded company but we do not play politics. We play only with designs and keep busy hosting our clients web sites. Our web site hosting service is like no other in Egypt. We increase security by only allowing sites that we created on our servers. And we only host on servers that are dedicated to us, so that no mistakes of other careless designers will affect our work.


Deal with a web design company that delivers its promises

Web design in Egypt is full of freelancers who can damage your work. Freelancers work alone and anything could happen to them, form simple arguments that let them leave unfinished to life problems that will make your website an incomplete project and expensive experiment. Do not risk your online presence with such cost cutting. Do not think like an accountant. Think of a company that has been designing web sites for over 10 years! Think of a professional team that can increase your sales, increase leads and help you manage your sales cycle all from the web.

We have a long experience in the web design, online marketing and social marketing and all types of Website Design work whether news sites of newspapers or online shops or sports design government sites and even the design of modern e-commerce sites. Really we can increase your sales with a brand new shop web site. Just select a good domain and we will do the rest. We can tie to your existing systems, sync your products and make sure the inventory is properly shown in the online shop.

And your web site will be designed by the best professionals in Egypt. We have a team like no other. Our dedicated people are crazy about the Internet. We live for the thrill of making things online. You can rest knowing that we will give you the latest technology and the most attractive design to show off your best work.

Not just web design but all online social and marketing work

We have online marketing, Facebook fan page design and SEO services. We also tie your web site to an open source CRM. Our web site SEO services will help you get to the first page of google. That is where most of the business its. The first page of google has over 90% of all traffic from online clients. So getting your web site on the first page is like getting a fast food shop in front of the largest university in your city!

You can actually use your website to increase your sales by running the CRM software . the CRM software allows you to manage your sales process in the way that reduces your lost sales through forgetting or through mismanaging the sales cycle .

Now This might seem to be an old saying but location is everything and the first page is like being in a downtown location. We can design a web site to fit in such a location. Just give us a try.

  • Web site design
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO services
  • Social marketing
  • Search engine marketing and advertising

See the video above to see how our clients love to deal with us. We really deliver what we promise and that is how we keep our clients happy and they introduce us to other businesses and their friends.

Now that you know what is at risk, it is the time to be a business person and make the right choice. Deal with a company that has a proven track record. A company that keeps its clients for years and decades. A team that LOVES to design web sites and does not deal with your business as only a job but as a labor of love. Yes really we loving doing what we do!

It takes a team of people that are crazy about the internet to make great web sites. And to give you the best and most reliable technology to run your business online.

When we start designing a new website we work closely with a client to understand their business process and all about their products . we try to understand evil things like the temple of the company and their sales cycle.

After we learn about audio products and about the same cycle of your company, restart a plan for Designing the website. After we designed a few lyrics to show you our client and after showing you the designs we started a design with interracial process, in which in each time we changed the design and it becomes closer to your imagined ideal website. After we finalize the design restart fitting the visual design into the content management system which will manage all the content of the website. We usually use WordPress as our content management system because it has the most functions and is one of the lightest and fastest content Management Systems there are. WordPress is also an open-source system which means that you do not have to pay for any software royalties for software license fees all updates are free forever. WordPress plugins and it’s very easy for them to go crazy with putting each and every free plug in the device but this is not the best way to design your website. Each and every plug-in you put increases the probability of hacking your system because no Plug-In or program is perfect and so the more you have the more the probability of a hat happens to your site. We as a design company know the best plug-ins and the most secure was and will always help you to select the best possible plugins and find the balance between features and security for your website free stuff this is where experience comes to play we give you all the experience and provide that as a means for you to increase your business.
After we do the design and we put it in the word press content management system we actually start putting your content inside and this is not just because we have to make every page look its best and most will be at its most beautiful form.

In the web design industry there are many Freelancers and these Freelancers usually have lower prices than companies that work in the field. As one of the first web design companies in Egypt we deal with this on a daily basis, many clients would comparing prices to those who freelances and forget that the freelancer has many problems. Freelancers will not give you a government invoice karma give you the kind of sustained service that you need for example if the workload that you want exceeds the capacity of a single person a freelancer will not be able to handle it and we’ll just email your project. Freelancer does a single person so if they get sick but if they have a life-threatening issue they will not be able to continue with your project that would usually mean that you you’ve already paid on your way.

Take the plunge, deal with us and feel he difference. We would love to have you with us. We love to come up with new ideas with you and your team, to create what was never done before just for you.


شركة المتحدة ويب هي شركة تصميم مواقع وتعتبر من اكبر شركات تصميم مواقع الانترنت في مصر وتعد واحدة من اقدم الشركات في مجال تصميم مواقع الانترنت في مصر والشرق الاوسط.

لدنيا خبرات طويلة وعديدة في تصميم مواقع الانترنت بجميع مجالتها سواء كانت مواقع اخبارية للصحف او مواقع اخبار الرياضة او تصميم مواقع حكومية وحتي تصميم مواقع التجارة الالكترونية الحديثة.

We specialize in bilingual web sites. Right to left is a bit tricky and Arabic support is not always easy. Arabic on an online shop is a bit hard but we have mastered it. Look at our many bilingual web sites in the portfolio section of our web site and you will know that we are not light weights in this. Arabic brings more than 60 percent of the searches in Egypt and that is a lot of business. So if you do not do an Arabic section to your web site you are missing on a lot of business, you are missing on doubling your leads and sales. Really for a small investment you can be making much more money than you already do.

To simulate and fool

Read To simulate and fool in Ehab Heikal’s blog

The device required to 100% accurately simulate a physical entity will always be larger than the physical entity. It thus follows that there exists is no device within the universe that can accurately simulate this universe. And so any entity within this universe can not have 100% reliable prescience. That does not however mean that a physical entity within the universe can not achieve a simulation of this universe or a part of it that allows it to fool other entities into believing it has fool proof prescience.


Read Consciousness in Ehab Heikal’s blog

Consciousness is deeper than human consciousness. It is a “magic” that uses the mind as its wand, the wand is not the magic. This is an error many people fall into to attribute the taste to the vessel that carries it. To exclude the spiritual journey of “lesser” animals and life, is so Heliocentric.

The stars “sing” in praise of Him, smaller and larger, developed and less developed, mineral or biological, all move with “words” of His praise.

Trying to listen to what I always heard

Read Trying to listen to what I always heard in Ehab Heikal’s blog

To listen in the silence for a hint of your voice.
Was that an echo of a murmur that never was?
Relentlessly searching for a needle in the universe.
And to have nothing to show for it other than this verse.
For even as you hide from my eye I know.
That you are the greatest donor and not a foe.
And though I have no needle that to you I can show.
That nothing is more than everything, in my heart I know.
But empty handed yesterday n’ today I stand,
Bereft of sharing a pin prick on my hand,
I still wait and try to do your command,
That one that I listened to from the beginning, and….
One life is to much, make it half if it is in the color of silence painted
For many lovers have longed, met, lived, and in pain separated
But that luxury I do not share for the highest honor I was not granted
I all I have are words, thoughts, longing and a life day by day departed

Condensation of my efforts to acquire wisdom

Read Condensation of my efforts to acquire wisdom in Ehab Heikal’s blog

A good leader of a nation is the exception not the rule.
Power does not favor clean people, or rather gaining power is much easier for people that can engage in morally questionable and immoral tactics.
The real point of democracy is not the rule of the people, but rather setting the rules so that those that seek power will seek votes rather than kill the opposition to rule. Further more the system of democracy will always tend to create a musical chairs environment where no single group ends up with power long enough to monopolize it. Regretfully sooner or later that will happen and democracy will degenerate. The most therefore that can be hoped from democracy is to vent the energies of the corrupt in such a way that the normal people have a chance at living a decent and somewhat comfortable life.
Every great and moral society will descend into bloodshed if resources are scarce enough that not all of the people will survive on them. Civilization is built upon excess of resources, people that do not see that are usually the first to die in the shortage of resources. People fighting to live are not evil, the evil are the people that live in excess that still fight not to survive but to have more.
Technology ( Think printing press, not just computers ) has empowered the people in fighting the oppression of the ruling few. This is not guaranteed though. As technology gets more sophisticated and powerful only the high IQ will be able to use it effectively and a new feudal system could kill all democracies, its signs are starting to show in government programs that spy on their own populations and huge portals like Facebook that have total history including location of billions of people.
Every one is blind to his own faults, no exceptions. Some of us are more blind than others though and some of us love faults.
Evil is real, and if you can not find it in your self, then as above you are blind to your own faults.
Life is not fair, get over it.
Justice is an ideal, never realized. But if we stop trying to realize it, if we stop putting an effort, then the civil society and democracy breaks apart fast.
It is easy to fool people. It is harder for people to realize that they have been fooled once they have been fooled until it is too late.
stupidity is contagious. For an example look up mass hysteria.
Logic sometimes fails. Saying that there is no love is wrong, saying that love exists is also wrong. Logic has failed in even defining love, let alone understand it. Feelings are of a different realm.

Trying to prove or disprove the existence of God by logic is stupidity itself, by very definition of most believers in God, he is above nature and thus above understanding. All you need to know the magic that God put in you is to close the door and lights in a dark room, free yourself of worry, and breath deeply. If you feel that you are a biological construct governed totally by the forces of nature, that your brain and thus thoughts and consciousness is a product of only the biological computer that is your brain, if feelings only register as red warning lights on a car dashboard, then congratulations you are a robot. If however you feel that you are a human with a free will that is limited by your physical presence but does not define it, then you have taken the first steps to understanding that you have a soul and that there is a deeper existence than that offered by the vision of scientists who only deal in the measurable and visible and totally disregard the spiritual.

Do as I say, don’t do as I do!

Read Do as I say, don’t do as I do! in Ehab Heikal’s blog

It is very hard to walk on the same principles you hold others to walk on.
It is hard to lead by example.
It is hard to be consistent with what you think and what you say.
If you see it easy then you are not doing it at all the right way.

It takes continual revision. You have to be a detective looking for your own mistakes. You have to look at your self in the mirror, measure your words against your actions every day. You have to remember your words and be willing to take them back. It takes practice of saying many times sorry you where right till it does not embarrass you any more.

It takes time, effort and dedication to truth.

I have not done it, yet.


Read الوسطيه in Ehab Heikal’s blog

الوسطيه ليست تفريط!!!!
الوسطيه ملهاش دعوه بوحده محجبه طلعه من اللجنه بترقص
الوسطيه ليست ليست ان تتكلم ممثله و تقول انها تفهم في الاسلام احسن من الشيوخ
الوسطيه ايضا ليست ان تسكت علي الحق لانك ضعيف و لا ان تسحق الغير لو كنت قوي
الوسطيه هي السراط المستقيم – ان لا تحيد عن الحق ولا تتبع هوي النفس
و ان تعرف ان الشيطان حق و انه عدو و انه يزين البعد عن الله و يخترع المسميات التي يدمر بها الدين و الدنيا
لقد اقنع الشيطان كثيرا من الناس ان الوسطيه هي التفريط و ان السكوت علي الفسوق هو سماحه الاسلام!!

خلاصه الموضوع

Read خلاصه الموضوع in Ehab Heikal’s blog

Morality ان مصر في صفيحه الزباله – ليس بسبب الاخوان و لا حتي بسبب الطغاه القتله من العسكر الذين حكمو مصر اكثر من ٦٠ سنه لم نري منهم يوم دمقراطي واحد

بل بسبب الشعب الذي يسكت علي المهانه و القمع كأسلوب للحكم و يريد يلصق بنفسه انه مجتمع مسلم مع انه خارج عن حدود الحلال التي رسمها الله تعالي بحكمته و معرفته بطبيعه البشر للمسلمين
لقد اعتدنا شيوع الحرام في المجتمع حتي صار – بالمصري  – عادي
و صار من يدعو للرجوع للقيم الاسلاميه المحافظه – انسان رجعي – كاره للحريات الشخصيه
بس يا اخي المسلم تخيل معايا – اللي انت سيفو عادي – ده حقيقته اليه؟
اللي انت سيفه عادي – تخيل وقعه علي سيد الخلق – هل سيرضي بشيوع الفساد في العلن؟
اسألك بماذا تتحجج لو رأي رسول الله صلي الله عليه و سلم – شارع الهرم – ماذا تقول له؟ ازيي تفسر له ان قانون البلد المسلم بيسمح بالمواضيع دي عادي – علني!!!
ماذا تتخيل سيكون حكم عمر بن الخطاب لو رأي بيتك و فيه اهلك يتفرجون علي قناه ميلودي!
هل تظن ان الامام الشافعي ينفع تعزمه علي اكله في مطعم من المطاعم التي يباع فيها الخمور و حيجي معاك عادي؟ اشطه؟
ايه تضن تعليق الامام علي رضي الله عنه لما تقول له انه عادي خالص و مودرن ان في مصر علي شواطء الساحل الشمالي بناتنا و اخواتنا الكبار عادي يعني يطلعو امام الرجال بميوه قطعتين بمبه – تفتكر حيقول لك لا البمبه مش ستايل في الميوهات الدو بيس؟
اصحي – و تخيل تعليق رسولك الكريم علي كل ما تراه كل يوم من شيوع البعد عن الله و الجهر بالمعاصي و الدعوه لها علي انها مودرن كتك مودرن في مفصلك
يا اخي – الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتي يغيرو ما بآنفسهم و نحن كشعب بالتبعيه نفوسنا لا تستاهل غير الفرعون او الحاكم الفاسد او المفسد او الحرامي – لاننا سكتنا علي الفساد في ديننا – ففسدت دنيانا
نعم بعضنا علي هدي ( و انا لست منهم )  و لاكن السواد الاعظم ليس كذالك
تعالي نأخذها بالارقام
مثلا وعد الله ان ننتصر ب ٢٠٠ علي ٢٠٠٠ لو كنا مؤمنين
و احب ان اذكركم انه في احسن حروبنا مع الصهاينه في ١٩٧٣ كان ميزان الموتي ٨ – ١ اي ٨ ماتو  من المصريين لكل واحد مات من الصهاينه و في ١٩٦٧ كان ٤٠ – ١
اي اننا ابعد ما يكون عن نصر الله غالبا لاننا ابعد ما نكون عن دين الله و ان مصيبتنا في ديننا

تعلي نآخذها بالادب
انت لما الأسلاميين تكلمو عن حجب المواقع الاباحيه علي الانترنت تحجج كل مزودو الخدمه انه سيتكلف الكثير و انه من شبه المستحيل – حجج و الشعب عاجبه الحجه دي!
طب انت عارف انه في بريطنيا – ايوه البلد الغير مسلمه  انه اكبر ٤ مزودين خدمه الانترنت اتفقو علي ان اي خط يباع يحجب عنه المواقع الاباحيه ولا تسمح الا اذا طلب المشترك ان لا تحجب عنه – يعني تروح كده عند المزود و تقول له انك غاوي قله ادب علشان يفتحلك مسوره الاباحه مش زي مصر مفتوحه علي البحري.
يعني حتي في الاباحه بريطنيا اكثر تحفظا من مصر
يا ناس افيقو يرحمكم الله – جرب تقول لحد اتقي الله – كانك بتشتمه مش بتنصحه
و من الاخر – الثوره فشلت لانها كانت علشان – عيش – حريه – عداله اجتماعيه
لو كانت طالبت ب  عداله – حريه – شريعه إلاهيه       لكانت تنطبق علي الثوره
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ
لانه ببساطه لو نجحت ثوره غير اسلاميه في تنظيف مصر لكانت فتنه في ديننا و لظن الناس انه يوجد طرق لصلاح الدنيا في غير شرع الله
ربما غلق الله طرق الاصلاح امام مجتمع بعد عن دينه رحمه – حتي يرجع الناس للمحافظه علي دينهم و ترجع النخوه لمن نسو معناها

Asus intros Fonepad 7 and Transformer T100 in Egypt

Read Asus intros Fonepad 7 and Transformer T100 in Egypt in Ehab Heikal’s blog

Asus Egypt has announced that the fonepad 7 is currently available in Egypt for 1900LE, the fonepad 7 is an atom dual core based android phablet. The price is much lower than the Samsung Tab 3 7 inch 3G which it directly competes with. Asus also announced that the Asus Transformer T100 Windows Tablet with detachable keyboard will be available soon for 3000LE. The T100 is a windows 8.1 tablet with a Quad Core Atom processor and a free full version of Office 2013 Home edition. The detachable keyboard makes the tablet work as a full notebook that is under 1.2KG of weight.T100_edition_06_29997FAB

Open letter to the CEO of OVH: Please sell

Read Open letter to the CEO of OVH: Please sell in Ehab Heikal’s blog

Recently OVH, one of the most respected quality budget providers of hosting services including dedicated server hosting rental, has stopped selling all dedicated server rental. The move comes after its new line of servers was released with quite competitive prices and excellent value. The problem is that many of their existing clients opted to upgrade their servers to the new lines leaving OVH with excess inventory of older hardware. This has always happened with OVH as they explained but in this specific refresh of hardware the turnover was excessive.

This does not come as a surprise, as the usage of virtualization increases, so does the ease of moving your web site or web sites from one server to the other and thus the ability to move to newer hardware as it becomes available becomes very easy. But the other reason that OVH was hit hard, is because unlike other providers, OVH keeps their price points even when they introduce new hardware. Most other providers, will introduce an increase in list price for newer and better generations of hardware and reserve reducing prices on a case by case basis to clients that request discounts. This solution does not scale because it required a higher overhead in selling. Other providers charge a setup fee to slow down client turnover. OVH’s policy is more direct and aggressive, they try to offer the best they can today openly, without haggling and this seems to have backfired on them.

The solution is hard and personally I do not know what it is, but the fact of the matter is stopping sales is bad for business and good for competitors. I want to suggest to the CEO of OVH a temporary solution until they work out the final one, and that is do not stop selling. Dear OVH CEO, you have an excess of old server inventory, why not sell that instead of not selling. Yes even at your prices for today’s hardware you can sell yesterday’s hardware, since your prices are better than the industry average. Yes sales will be slower but still slower sales is better than no sales at all! And guess what, if you do that, your excess inventory of old hardware will be sold, and when it is, you can open sales of new hardware, and yes you will get turnover, and when you do, get enough turnover you can again stop selling the new hardware and only sell the old hardware.

At any rate, there is no hard at all in offering the customers your old hardware that was abandoned by the very problem you are trying to solve. I for one would gladly buy older hardware from you at the price you sold it initially which is still competitive in comparison to the rest of the market.